"During my efforts to identify unique entertainment for my daughter's ninth birthday party, I came across Giani on the web. After a couple of phone calls with Giani, I went ahead and scheduled him for the event. Very rare to be able to schedule a mentalist for a party, and to be honest we weren't quite sure what to expect. Giani ended up exceeding all expectations we could have had. He showed up early to make sure he had time to get set up and the feel of the event, put on an amazing show, and then hung around after the show entertaining guests individually. A top notch effort and performance. The show was the talk on my daughters school campus for a week afterward, both with students and parents. Highly recommended." Todd, San Antonio

"I already heard what a fun time everyone had at the Hyatt on Thursday. I am so glad we now know about you and the wonderful show you perform. We will definitely be calling you again soon, as we will be sending out your information to several clients looking for “different” entertainment. Looking forward to working with you again," Capers Entertainment.

"I got a lot of positive feed back from the members and guests," Texas Metal Finishers.

"I will remember this for the rest of my life," Sylvia, ESR.

"He'll bend a spoon before your eyes. Pick a word from a 300-plus-page novel, but don't tell it to Giani. He'll tell you what word you chose," San Antonio Express News.

"I heard that you did a great job for SRA. They loved you." Black Tie Casino.

"This was a fabulous show - don't know how it's possible - but you made it possible! We were impressed to say the least. All my co-workers can't stop talking about your act. I hope I have the opportunity to contract your services again. THANK YOU for your help in making my party a huge success. I wish you a blessed Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!," Cindy, SRA International.

"We met you at Enchanted Springs over Thanksgiving. My daughter came up on stage with your daughter. Just wanted to tell you that you were right and we are having a boy!", Ginnie (ESR)

"Thanks for yesterday. It was great!," KLRN TV.

"Amazing!," Our Lady of the Lake University.

"The Great Giani blew me away this evening with his predictive abilities and fast-paced work. The best was his documented prediction of San Antonio newspaper headlines two days in advance. He has a genuine quality which makes it easy to fully enjoy and accept his skills. I would travel far to see him perform in the future," , Earnie Lehman, Midwest Energy Inc.

"When we were told there would be a "magic performer", I thought "great, more bunnies and hats". I was incredibly surprised and blown away by the performance - not at all "magic", but rather more "mind magic" (my term for this). I still to this day can't begin to understand how some of this was done...there is clearly something happening here that we normally don't encounter. I would recommend anyone checking this is truly a "one-of-a-kind" performance.," Jim, Chicago.

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